Total Project Services Limited

Total Project Services Limited (TPSL) is a professional Barbadian construction consultancy offering Cost Management, Project Management, Contract Administration, Mortgage Valuations and Value Engineering. TPSL was established by Mr. Graham Bethell BSc MRICS, member of the Barbados Association of Quality Surveyors, previously Managing Director of Tower Bucknall Austin.


Graham Bethell is supported by Simeon Christophe, Quantity Surveyor.

The Company provides advice across a wide range of sectors including:

  • Residential
  • Hotels & Leisure
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Industrial


Professional Services:

TPSL offers the complete project service from conception to completion guiding clients through feasibility, outline design, detailed design, tender, construction and post handover & operation. Our aim is to understand our client’s needs and objectives in order to tailor our services to ensure value and efficiency.


Cost Management:

Typically our scope of service will include:


  • Provision of budget cost planning, advice on tendering procedures and contract arrangements;
  • Selection of local contractors and suppliers;
  • Preparation of tender documentation and work packages;
  • Preparation of pre-tender estimates;
  • Drafting invitation to tender letter;
  • Tender reporting and recommendations;
  • Preparation of draft letters of intent;
  • Liaising with specialist contractors as required.



  • Preparation of contract documentation for work packages;
  • Undertaking of post contract control including agreement of variations;
  • Preparation and issue of periodic cost reports;
  • Chairing of site meetings;
  • Preparation and Issue of interim valuations;
  • Preparation and agreement of final accounts.


Project Management:

Typically our scope of service will include:

  • Advising on the need for surveys, investigations, feasibility studies etc;
  • Obtaining a full understanding of all contracts and direct the Consultants accordingly;
  • Advising on the need for and make recommendations in relation to Consultant appointments, responsibilities and fee structures
  • Coordinate, in conjunction with the Consultants, the preparation of the design brief and obtain Client authorization as necessary;
  • Establish appropriate channels of communication between the project team and convene and chair all principal project meetings;
  • Preparation and maintenance of master programme in conjunction with the Consultants and contractors identifying critical dates and activities;
  • Monitoring the Consultants in the preparation and maintenance of budget and master cost plans;
  • Checking that the Consultants are preparing regular valuations and payment certificates and obtain Client approval for variations as necessary;
  • Monitoring project expenditure in conjunction with the Consultants;
  • Checking on the requirement for statutory approvals  and monitor the progress of applications and consents;
  • Advising on appropriate procurement methods, contractor selection and appointment and coordinate preparation of contract documentation;
  • Checking that Consultants are providing adequate on site supervision and appointment and coordinate preparation of contract documentation;
  • Checking that Consultants are providing adequate on site supervision and variations and instructions are being correctly issued;
  • Arranging for maintenance information and as-built information in conjunction with the Consultants and contractor to be forwarded to the Client as necessary.

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